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Anna Cui

Head and shoulder photo of Anna Cui
  • Associate Professor of Marketing

Office: 2223 UH
Phone: (312) 996-7326
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  • PhD in Marketing, Michigan State University, 2006
  • MS in Finance, The Graduate School of the People's Bank of China, 1999
  • BS in Finance, Remin University, 1996


  • Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, since 2016
  • Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010-2016
  • Assistant Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2006-2010

Classes Taught

  • New Product Development
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Research Methods

Research & Publications

Research Interests
  • Innovation and new product development
  • Marketing partnerships
  • Marketing strategy
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie and Fang Wu, “The Impact of Customer Involvement on New Product Development: Contingent and Substitutive Effects.” Forthcoming at Journal of Product Innovation Management.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie and Fang Wu (2016), “Utilizing Customer Knowledge in Innovation: Antecedents and Impact of Customer Involvement on New Product Outcomes,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 44(4), 516-538.
  • Zhang, Haisu, Fang Wu and Anna Shaojie Cui (2015), “Market Learning Mechanisms and New Product Development Performance: The Moderating Role of Customer Need Tacitness,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(3), 297-308.
  • Spanjol, Jelena, Anna Shaojie Cui, Stephanie Crawford, Cheryl Nakata, Lisa K. Sharp and Mary Beth Watson-Manheim (2015), “Service Co-Production of Prolonged, Complex, and Negative Services: An Examination of Medication Adherence in Chronically Ill Individuals,” Journal of Service Research, 18(3), 284-302. Best Paper Honorable Mention Award.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie, Kwong Chan and Roger Calantone (2014), “The Learning Zone in New Product Development”, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 61(4), 690-701.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie and Shyam Kumar (2013), “Advancing Multilevel Alliance Research: Rejoinder to Commentary on Cui and Kumar (2012) and Future Directions”, Journal of Business Research 66(5), 662-664.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie (2013), “Portfolio Dynamics and Alliance Termination: The Contingent Role of Resource Dissimilarity,” Journal of Marketing 77(3), 15-32.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie and Gina O’Connor (2012), “Alliance Portfolio Resource Diversity and Firm Innovation,” Journal of Marketing, 76(4), 24-43.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie and Shyam Kumar (2012), “The Termination of Exploration and Exploitation Joint Ventures: The Impact of Uncertainty, Parent Firm Performance, and Joint Venture Characteristics”, Journal of Business Research, 65(8), 1202-1208.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie., Roger J. Calantone and David Griffith (2011), “Strategic Change and Termination of Interfirm Partnerships”, Strategic Management Journal, 32 (4), 402-423.
  • Cui, Anna Shaojie, Meng Zhao and T. Ravichandran (2011), “Market Uncertainty and Dynamic New Product Launch Strategies: A Systems Dynamics Model”, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 58(3), 530-550.
  • Calantone, Roger J., Kwong Chan and Anna Shaojie Cui (2006), “Decomposing Product Innovativeness and Its Effects upon New Product Success”, Journal of Product Innovation Management, 23(5), P. 408.


Awards & Affiliations

  • 2015 Best Paper Honorable Mention Award, Journal of Service Research special issue on Transformative Service Research
  • 2014, 2011 Conference Best Paper Award, PDMA Research Form
  • 2013 Best Reviewer Award, 2013 PDMA Research Form
  • 2010 Winner, PDMA Research Competition
  • 2007 Best paper award in the track of Marketing Strategy and New Product Development, Academy of Marketing Conference