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John Lynch

John Lynch headshot
  • Assistant Professor of Management

Department of Managerial Studies
601 S. Morgan St., MC 243
2205 University Hall
Chicago, IL 60607 


  • PhD in Organizational Behavior, University of Georgia, 2016
  • Master of Arts in Counseling and Personnel Services, University of Maryland (College Park), 2005
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology, University of Georgia, 2003


  • Area Director in Residence Life at Emory University
  • Residence Life Coordinator at Oglethorpe University

Classes Taught

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Leadership
  • Work-Life

Research & Publications

  • Lynch, J. W., & Rodell, J. B. (In press). Blend in or stand out? Interpersonal outcomes to managing concealable stigmas at work. Journal of Applied Psychology. 
  • Colquitt, J. A., Zipay, K. P., Lynch, J. W., & Outlaw, R. (2018). Bringing “The Beholder” center stage: On the propensity to perceive overall fairness. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 148, 159-177.
  • Rodell, J. B., Booth, J. E., Lynch, J. W., & Zipay, K. P. (2017). "Corporate volunteering climate: Mobilizing employee passion for societal causes and inspiring future charitable action." Academy of Management Journal, 60, 1662-1681. 
  • Little, L. M., Hinojosa, A. S., & Lynch, J. W. (2017). "Make them feel: How the disclosure of pregnancy to a supervisor leads to changes in perceived supervisor support." Organization Science, 28, 618–635. 
  • Vogel, R. M., Rodell, J. B., & Lynch, J. W. (2016). "Engaged and productive misfits: How job crafting and leisure activity mitigate the negative effects of value incongruence." Academy of Management Journal, 59, 1561-1584.
  • Rodell, J. B., & Lynch, J. W. (2016). "Perceptions of employee volunteering: Is it “credited” or "stigmatized" by colleagues?" Academy of Management Journal, 59, 611-635.
  • Shutt, M. D., Garrett, J. M., Lynch, J. W., & Dean, L. A. (2012). "An assessment model as best practice in student affairs." Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 49, 65-82.

Awards & Affiliations

  • ACUHO-I/EBI Assessment Award (2011)
  • Emory University, Campus Life: Research and Publication Award (2009)
  • Emory University, Campus Life: Prolific Professional Award (2008)
  • NASPA LGBT Issues Research Award and Grant for thesis research (2005)