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Lagnajita Chatterjee

Head and shoulders photo of Lagnajita Chatterjee
  • Doctoral Student in Business Administration, Marketing


  • Ph.D. Student in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, expected graduation 2020
  • Masters in Cognitive Science, University of Allahabad, India, 2013
  • Bachelors in Psychology, Calcutta University, India, 2011


Lagnajita, is a third-year student in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. She is interested in understanding the importance of social identity in consumer decision making. Prior to this, she completed a Masters in Cognitive Science and a Bachelors in Psychology.

Classes Taught

  • Marketing Research (Instructor)
  • Consumer Behavior (Instructor)​
  • Strategic Management, MBA (Teaching Assistant)
  • Enterprise Strategy, MBA (Teaching Assistant)

Research & Publications

Research Interests

  • Social Identity 
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • User-Participation
  • Consumption on Social Media
  • Consumption in Social networks
  • Consumer Goals

Conference Presentations

  • Chatterjee, Lagnajita and Spanjol, Jelena (2016). A Comparative Study of Post–Purchase Evaluation of User-Designed and Company-Designed Products: An Exploratory Study (Poster Presentation). PDMA Research Forum, Atlanta, GA
  • Pammi, V.S.Chandrasekhar, Kamble, Pavan, Chatterjee, Lagnajita, Srinivasan, Narayanan (2014). Scope of attention modulates loss aversion: a behavioural economic investigation (Poster Presentation). 1st Annual Conference on Cognitive Science. Delhi, India.

Awards & Affiliations

  • Hot Topics Research Project,PDMA-UNH Innovation Doctoral Consortium, 2017
  • Doctoral Fellow, PDMA-UNH Innovation Doctoral Consortium, 2017
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Doctoral Scholarship and College of Business Administration (CBA) Doctoral Fellowship, 2015-Present  
  • “Earn While You Learn” Scholarship, University of Allahabad, India, 2011-2013