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Academic Departments

Integrating conceptual and technical knowledge with practical application, the department of accounting prepares students for careers in financial, managerial, governmental/non-profit, and international accounting, as well as auditing, information systems, taxation and business law. Graduates are prepared to sit for certification examinations for the CPA, CMA and similar designations.

Research and teaching is provided in all major areas of finance. The department leverages its proximity and connection to the Chicago financial community and the Chicago financial exchanges to take advantage of practical learning and research opportunities.

The IDS department offers a curriculum that emphasizes management of the emerging technology needs of business. Courses are organized around three disciplines: service operations and supply-chain management; enterprise information technology and technology project management; and  business analytics and data mining focused on the finance and marketing sectors. Our courses stress problem solving skills with a focus on developing students' abilities to frame, analyze and communicate, assuring a high demand for our graduates in the job market.

The Department of Managerial Studies offers expertise in the areas of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Faculty members teach and conduct research across a broad spectrum of topics related to entrepreneurship, human resource management, innovation, international marketing, leadership, organizational behavior, product development, transportation and logistics, and strategic management.

Research Centers

Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development: The Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development (iLEAD) is dedicated to discovering practical methods for improving leadership effectiveness through applied research

International Center for Futures and Derivatives: The International Center for Futures and Derivatives helps prepare undergraduate and MBA students for careers in the futures and derivatives industry while fostering research and learning about futures and derivative financial products in the international arena, particularly China.

Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies: IES expands awareness and knowledge of new venture opportunities, offers methods for creating and growing enterprises, and celebrates the important role entrepreneurship plays in the growth of the global economy. A valuable part of IES, the Illinois Small Business Development Center at UIC.

Center for Research in Information Management -  The Center for Research in Information Management was established to promote collaborations and partnerships among the university, the business community, governmental and not-for-profit agencies in the theory and practice of state-of-the-art information management.

Center for Supply-Chain Management and Logistics: Develops cutting-edge solutions to manufacturing, transportation, and logistics management issues in an effort to reduce cost and improve efficiency. This interdisciplinary organization helps public agencies and private business partners effectively compete in today's global market.

CCIT - CCIT was established with a grant from the college to develop a new program of research to examine how the use of social computing tools (SCT) affect work practices and outcomes in the United States. In the two years of the proposed study, the interdisciplinary team will develop and administer a longitudinal survey of US workers that (1) enables the research to document the evolution of technological and social change occurring in work practices, (2) provides the opportunity for UIC researchers to develop new theoretical approaches to understanding the role that social computing technologies are playing in the US work context, (3) places UIC Business at the forefront of research on emerging and important area of social computing, work and enterprise management, 4) creates a foundation upon which external funding will be attractive and ensure the sustainability of the research program.

Center for Health Information and Management Systems-- Headed by Professor Ranganathan C, CHIMS is a trans-disciplinary research organization that is based at the college. CHIMS brings together research expertise from multiple UIC departments and colleges  (e.g. health care sciences, business administration, information management, and computer science) to conduct research that expands the knowledge frontiers in health care information management, and also improves the practice of HIM, especially in the State of Illinois.

Center for Education & Research in Financial Reporting Quality
: The objective of the center is to further research and creative teaching methods in the area of corporate financial reporting quality. CERFRQ will develop a series of programs of sponsored research and conferences on the theory, practice, and analysis of corporate financial reporting quality. Its guiding criteria will be to strengthen the bridges between accounting research, accounting education, and accounting practice. In doing so it hopes to serve the public interest by supporting the integrity of financial reporting and the efficiency of capital markets. Its main emphasis will be on the use of both existing sources of data as well as the development of new sources of electronic data to support accounting research and teaching in the department.

Center for Quantitative Finance and Risk Management: The first phase of the research activity of the center will be focused on the integration of high frequency data with continuous-time finance. Recent years have seen an explosion in the availability of high frequency financial data. An important question which faces us, as a society, is how to turn this data into knowledge.

Affiliated Centers

The Liautaud Institute