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Master of Science in Management Information Systems

In today’s economy, managing information is critical to the success of a business enterprise. Supply chain management, mass customization, knowledge management, business intelligence, data mining and business process re-engineering are all key drivers of a successful business. All require the effective management of large volumes of information using technology systems. 

The UIC Liautaud Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) is an advanced degree in the application of information technology to solve business problems. Taught by the research and teaching faculty in UIC’s Information and Decision Sciences department, the program is designed to train future CIOs, project managers and technology leaders. Some of the specialized tracks in the program are Business Intelligence and Analytics, Corporate IT Management, Healthcare IT, IS Consulting, and Auditing and Compliance.


The UIC Liautaud MS in MIS is an advanced degree in the application of information technology to solve business problems.

The Master of Science in Management Information Systems degree (MS in MIS) is designed to train future CIOs, project managers, and technology leaders. Some of the leading-edge tracks in the program are Business Intelligence Analysis, Health Care and IT, Corporate IT Management, and Business Continuity, Security, and Compliance Risk Planning.
A student in the program may specialize in technical, managerial, or a combination of the two areas. MIS courses are organized around three disciplines: (1) Service Operations and Supply Chain Management; (2) Enterprise Information Technology and Technology Project Management; and (3) Business Analytics and Data Mining focused on the finance and marketing sectors. Our courses stress problem-solving skills with a focus on developing students' abilities to frame, analyze and communicate, assuring a high demand for our graduates in the job market.

The MS in MIS degree can be obtained on a part-time or full-time basis and most of the courses are offered in the evening. Applicants with an undergraduate degree in MIS from an accredited institution should be able to complete the program in one year of full-time study. Those with degrees in other fields and without MIS and business preparation should be able to complete the degree in two years of full-time study.

Students must meet both the business and technical background requirements and complete at least 32 semester hours of approved graduate course work. Each prerequisite course may be waived based on equivalent prior coursework or appropriate work experience in the functional area. These courses are prerequisites and will not count towards the minimum degree requirement of 32 hours. Applicants who have not taken all of the prerequisite courses may be admitted on a provisional basis (i.e., with limited rather than full status) and must complete the prerequisites within their first year of enrollment to retain their status in the program. Accepting limited status is binding on the time to satisfy these requirements.

UIC and UIUC IDS undergraduates

UIC and UIUC IDS undergraduates who have graduated within 5 years of application may apply for guaranteed admission to the MS in MIS program if certain criteria are met. Please refer to the GAMIS tab above for details.


MS in MIS Degree Requirements 

Core Knowledge 12 credit hours (3 courses)

  • IDS 517 Enterprise Application Development (4)
  • IDS 520 Enterprise Information Infrastructure Planning & Security(4)
  • IDS 521 Advanced Database Management (4)

IS Management 4 credit hours (1 course)

  • IDS 514 Management of Information Systems (4)
  • IDS 515 E-Business Strategy and Management (4)
  • IDS 523 Audit and Control of Information Systems (4)

Capstone Project Experience 4 credit hours (1 course)

  • IDS 507 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design Project (4)
  • IDS 596 Independent Study (4)

 Capstone Project Experience course is to be taken only after the completion of the Core Knowledge courses.

12 credit hours (3 courses)

Chosen with the approval of the Director of Graduate Studies. Courses from other departments and colleges may be taken as electives upon approval.

Elective offerings for the current academic year include the following tracks and courses:

Business Analytics
IDS 462 Statistical Software for Business (4)
IDS 470 Multivariate Analysis (4)
IDS 472 / 572 Business Data Mining (4)
IDS 594 Special topics – ‘Big’ data analytics (4)
IDS 594 Special topics – Marketing Analytics (4)
MBA 590 Professional Topics – Web analytics (2)

Corporate IT and Consulting
IDS 512 IS Project and Program Management (4)
IDS 594 Special topics - Technology and Innovation Management (4)
MBA 590 Professional Topics – Applied consulting (2)
IDS 506 Survey of Healthcare IT (4)
IDS 552 Supply Chain Management (4)
IDS 515 Information Systems Strategy & Policy (4)
IDS 523 IS audit and Control (4)

Risk Management
IDS 479 Enterprise Risk Management (4)
IDS 573 Risk Management (4)

Social Media and e-Marketing
IDS 518 Electronic Marketing (4)
MBA 590 Professional Topics – Web analytics (2)
IDS 594 Special topics – Marketing Analytics (4)

Emergent technologies
IDS 494 Mobile Application Development (4)
IDS 403 Information Systems Security (3)
IDS 413 Internet technology and applications (3)

A STEM Degree Program

We are pleased to announce that the UIC Liautaud Master and PhD level programs in Management Information Systems have been approved as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) - Designated Degree Programs.

Under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, international students who graduate from colleges and universities in the United States are able to remain in the country and receive training through work experience for up to 12 months. Students who graduate from a designated STEM degree program can remain for an additional 17 months on an OPT STEM extension.


Prerequisites are determined at the time of admission to the program.

Technical Prerequisites (0-12 credit hours)

  • IDS 401 Data Structures and Operating Systems (4)
  • IDS 405 Business Systems Analysis and Design (4)
  • IDS 410 Business Database Systems (4)

Business Prerequisites (0-8 credit hours)

  • Two introductory courses in any two functional areas of business:
  • IDS 355 (or 532) Operations Management
  • ACTG 110, 111 (or 500) Accounting
  • FIN 300 Finance
  • MKTG 360 (or 500) Marketing
  • MGMT 340 (or 541)Management

Please note: Students will only be allowed to take 500 level courses as prerequisites if they enroll as limited status MS-MIS students and with consent of advisor.

Other Prerequisites (0-12 credit hours)

  • MATH 205 Advanced Mathematics for Business
  • IDS 570 Statistics for Management
  • BA 200 Managerial Communications

MBA/MS in MIS Joint Degree

Applicants must apply and be accepted to both the MBA and MS in Management Information Systems programs. It is recommended that students interested in this joint degree initiate the application process for the MS portion of the degree during their first semester of enrollment in the MBA program, but no later than their second semester of enrollment.

Contact the Liautaud Graduate School of Business Programs Office for more information and for specific admission requirements to the MS in Management Information Systems portion of the joint program. Current students interested in applying to a joint program should contact an academic adviser.

Degreee Requirements

A minimum of 70 semester hours are required for the joint degree. Some students may be required to take technical, business and other background courses as part of their MS in Management Information Systems degree requirements.

Required Courses for the MBA portion
of the joint degree
Required Courses for the MS-MIS portion
of the joint degree

ACTG 500 (4)
Introduction to Financial Accounting

IDS 517 (4)
Enterprise Application Infrastructure

ECON 520 (4)
Microeconomics for Business Decisions

IDS 520 (4)
Distributed Processing and Telecommunication Systems

FIN 500 (4)
Introduction to Corporate Finance

IDS 521 (4)
Advance Database Management

IDS 532 (4)
Introduction to Operations Management

IDS 507 or 508 (4)
Capstone Project

MGMT 541 (4)
Organizational Behavior

IDS 514, 515 or 523 (4)
IS Management

MKTG 500(4)
Introduction to Marketing

MS-MIS Electives (12)

MBA Electives (14 Semester Hours)
At least 14 semester hours of 500-level courses
from at least three other disciplines with CBA.
Students have the option to complete a
concentration outside of the IDS department.


Guaranteed Admission (GAMIS) for UIC and UIUC Undergraduates

Outstanding UIC and UIUC undergraduate students who have an overall GPA of 3.00 in their undergraduate degree and meet 3.0 GPA requirements in selected IDS-related courses can be admitted into the MIS program without having to submit the GMAT or GRE. This program allows students to earn a Master’s degree in as little as one academic year. UIC alumni may apply for GAMIS for up to five years after graduation.

Application requirements:

In order to be considered for admission, please submit the following application materials to Liautaud Graduate School of Business Admissions: 

  • Application
  • Application fee
  • Personal statement
  • Resume
  • A UIC student who qualifies for GAMIS need not submit recommendation letters

Please note that applicants with non-IDS majors may be required to take additional foundation courses to satisfy program prerequisites. For a full list of pre-requisites, click here

For more information, please contact the UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business at lgsb@uic.edu or (312) 996-4573.

Our Students

Maggie Hammond, MBA/MS in MIS 2012

Swati Iyer, MS in MIS 2014Aswin Prakash Thiyagarajan, MS in MIS 2012