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Liautaud MBA Programs

UIC Liautaud offers flexible MBA programs designed to support your academic and professional development. With classes offered in the evenings, you can choose a part-time or full-time schedule that fits your needs. Or if you are only available on the weekends, we offer a Weekend MBA that takes place on Saturdays. This cohort program begins every fall and students can finish in two years.

For those 4 or fewer years of experience, or undergraduates with non-business degrees, we offer an Accelerated MBA program.

Evening or Weekend

The UIC Liautaud MBA is offered in four different scheduling formats, and the content is consistent among all of them. The UIC Liautaud MBA Program is 13.5 courses (54 credit hours), which is comprised of 6 core courses (24 credit hours) and 7.5 advanced electives (30 credit hours). UIC's MBA program is accredited by AACSB in all formats.
Through our evening courses, students can choose a full-time or part-time course load, graduating in two to four years. Many core courses are offered online, adding additional flexibility for students.

The Weekend MBA is a cohorted program designed to offer the opportunity for strong team-based collaboration and accelerate the program so that students can complete the required 54 credit hours in two calendar years.  Students take two courses each fall and spring semester, along with a total of three courses over each two-term summer.


The UIC Liautaud  MBA is a 54 credit hour program (13.5 courses) comprising 24 credit hours of core courses (six courses) and 30 credit hours (7.5 courses) of  more advanced, specialized courses.

Core Courses

The core courses are designed to provide students with a basic business foundation. These courses will teach students the fundamental concepts needed to deepen their functional business knowledge. The core curriculum consists of the following six courses:

ACTG 500 Introduction to Financial Accounting
Concepts and principles of financial accounting for preparation and evaluation of external reports and financial statements. Extensive computer use required.

ECON 520 Microeconomics for Business Decisions
Efficient allocation of resources by consumers, profit and non-profit firms and government, regulation of industry, monopoly and imperfect competition, business ethics and the market place, efficiency versus equity, social welfare.

FIN 500 Introduction to Corporate Finance
Theory of corporate finance: goal of the firm, time value of money, investment decisions (under certainty and uncertainty), net present value, capital markets, and corporate financing decisions.

IDS 532 Introduction to Operations Management
The management of operations for the production and delivery of goods and services. Topics include the management of projects, production, supply chain, inventory, and quality.

MGMT 541 Organizational Behavior
The organization as a social system. Topics include leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, group behavior, managing change, conflict management, motivation and behavior, and interpersonal communications.

MKTG 500 Introduction to Marketing
Client/consumer behavior and the way institutions respond to such behavior through the planning, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services.

MBA Concentrations

After completing the core courses, students take 30 credit hours of advanced courses.  Through these courses, students pursue topics that support their individual career interests and goals. 

Students in the evening program choose among a number of concentrations by completing at least three courses in the following fields of study:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Real Estate
  • Self Directed


Due to the cohorted nature of the Weekend MBA, only two concentrations are offered: Finance and Management. Students also have the option of pursuing other concentrations by taking courses on weekday evenings.

Professional Topics Series

In addition, full-time and part-time students may select up to three courses toward their MBA degree from a series of Professional Topics courses, designed to enrich their professional skills and learning. While these course offerings change frequently, the following list represents recently offered courses:

  • Applied Consulting
  • Chicago Exchanges
  • Improv & Leadership
  • Innovation, Entrepreneurship, & Growth
  • Project Management
  • Real Estate Development

MBA Joint Degrees

For a growing number of students, combining an MBA with another professional specialty offers the opportunity to gain expertise in a specific discipline and understand the business dynamics operating in the field.

UIC Liautaud offers seven joint degree options, two within the school and five across the colleges and schools within the university. These joint degree programs require an average of 25 percent fewer credits than if the two programs were completed separately.
To participate in a joint degree option, students must gain admission to each school or program independently. The schedules for the Full-time, Part-time and Weekend MBA programs all offer the flexibility required to pursue a joint degree program.

For more information visit the Master of Business Administration Joint Degrees page.

Study Abroad

The UIC Liautaud MBA offers students exciting opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge about foreign business systems and cultures. Participants study alongside future business leaders of the host country. In the process, they develop an understanding of another business and cultural environment, sharpen their global business and language skills, and open the door to future employment in the international market.

Don't just read about international business in your textbooks-experience it for yourself. You'll gain a deeper understanding of foreign business, the world at large, and different cultures. And you'll broaden your horizons, inside and out.

In today's global business environment, international experience is a key component for a successful career.

The schedules for the full-time, part-time and Weekend MBA programs all offer the flexibility required to pursue a study abroad program.

Doing Business in Brazil

DOING BUSINESS IN BRAZIL is a two-week course in Sao Paulo,Brazil at the FundacaoGetulio Vargas, considered one of the top business schools in South America. This English-language course covers Brazilian and South American business issues, thepolitical and social climate, national culture, consumer marketing, and Mercosur. 

Highlights from past Doing Business in Brazil courses:

  • Visit to Itaú, one of the largest private banking groups in Brazil 
  • Tour of locations for the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games to be hosted by Brazil 
  • Introductory Portuguese classes and guest lectures on a variety of Brazilian business topics including Human Resources, Banking, Venture Capital, Marketing, and more.


“Doing Business in Brazil provided me with valuable in-field experience with one of the fastest growing BRICS nations. The acquisition of my enhanced professional contacts, top 3 international business school education, and insight into Brazil's rapid economic growth, vibrant history and welcoming culture, have given me powerful new answers and real-world examples for distinguishing myself from other qualified colleagues and job candidates.” Alan Leon, MBA 2012

Know Europe:

KNOW EUROPE is a four-week course, through the ESC Normandy, on the current business environment within the European Community. Study is organized in Brussels, Belgium; Haarlem, Amsterdam; Paris, Le Havre, and Caen, France; and Barcelona, Spain. Professors are drawn from Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The program includes meetings with local businesses, field visits to seats of European government, and presentations on major aspects of European administration and culture. 

Highlights from past Know Europe courses:

  • An opportunity to develop a new European market-entry strategy with a team of business students from a variety of business schools across the globe 
  • Class time with executives, like the head of marketing for Maybelline Brazil and the manager of R&D at Nestle who oversaw the creation of the Kit Kat
  • Wine tasting and an introduction to wine culture at the world famous Torres Winery in Spain


Adrienne Nadeau“Know Europe has given me confidence in my ability to analyze and determine an effective international marketing strategy. It has also given me a unique opportunity to work on projects in real world settings that I can speak about to prospective employers that help me stand out in interviews.” Adrienne Nadeau, MBA 2012

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