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Liautaud MBA Programs

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UIC Liautaud offers MBA programs designed to support your academic and professional development. With classes offered in the daytime, evenings, and on weekends, you can find the option that best fits your needs. 

Full-time, Accelerated Cohort Program

  • On-campus, daytime classes
  • Finish in as little as one year
  • Build a strong career network

The Weekend MBA

  • Two-year cohorted program
  • Meets on Saturdays

The Flexible MBA Program

  • Set your own pace
  • Take classes at night, online or on Saturdays
  • Finish in as little as 18 months



Accelerate Your Career with a Liautaud MBA

Explore the flexibility and advantages of an MBA from UIC’s Liautaud Graduate School. UIC ranks in the Top 25% of business schools nationwide. Our MBA will set you apart. You’ll earn a proven, research-based MBA and gain hands-on experience and connections to Chicago’s living classroom.

Important Dates

International Applicants

Domestic Applicants

The MBA is a practical management degree focuses on the core aspects of business and management.  These courses introduce the fundamental concepts needed to understand the many facets of a complex organization and provide a foundation for further, more in-depth functional business study.  The core curriculum consists of the following six courses:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior



Looking to learn more about a particular area of business. A concentration is a great way to add value to your degree. We offer concentrations in accounting, business analytics, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, management information systems, marketing, operations and supply-chain management, real estate. Choose the work that works best with your program, interests or career aspirations.


UIC Business is a public research university, so tuition and fees vary by residency. Also, because our programs offer flexible options, our tuition varies based on the number of classes you are taking each semester. To calculate your tuition and fees, please visit the Tuition Information page.

Don't forget, UIC Liautaud offers graduate assistantships, scholarships and partial tuition waivers. Ask an admissions representative about the many options we offer to help you afford your education.

Program Faculty

Head and shoulders photo of Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin

Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin

Clinical Associate Professor of Finance
Head and shoulder photo of Gib Bassett

Gib Bassett

Department Head of Finance
Head and shoulders photo of Oleg Bondarenko

Oleg Bondarenko

Professor of Finance
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I’ve met so many great people, and it has expanded my network professionally, as well personally. If you only come to campus for class you are missing a large part of the Liautaud experience. - See more at:

Matthew Medinger
Class of '17

Study Abroad Programs

A photo of the Sao Paolo, Brazil skyline in the early evening.

Doing Business in Brazil

Doing Business in Brazil is a two-week course in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, considered one of the top business schools in South America. This English-language course covers Brazilian and South American business issues, the political and social climate, national culture, consumer marketing, and Mercosur. MBA students receive four elective credits for participating in the program.

A photo of an aerial view from the Eiffel Tower of the Seine River and the city in Paris, France.

Know Europe

Know Europe is a four-week course, through the ESC Normandy. Study is organized in Brussels, Belgium; Haarlem, Amsterdam; Paris, Le Havre, and Caen, France; and Barcelona, Spain. Professors are drawn from Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The program includes meetings with local businesses, field visits to seats of European government, and presentations on major aspects of European administration and culture. MBA students receive six elective credits for participating in the program.

Top Job Functions of MBA Grads

  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Operations and Logistics
  • Finance

Why an MBA?

  • Complement your career field
  • Change careers
  • Start your own business
  • Earn more money
  • Greater job security

MBA Joint Degrees

  • Other joint degree programs are in the works. Ask an admissions adviser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which semesters can I start?

The Weekend MBA program and the Accelerated MBA start in the fall semester only. Students in the flexible program can start in the summer, fall or spring.

What is the difference between online courses and traditional on-campus courses?

Online courses are often very different than traditional on-campus courses in terms of how the material is presented, the nature of the interaction among class members and the overall learning experience. However, the course load is at the same level as the face-to-face version; the only amount of time saved is your commute time to and from campus. Our online courses use the Blackboard software.

Should I apply even though I do not have any work experience?

We strongly recommend at least two years of work experience before applying to our MBA program. Our students have an average of five years of work experience before beginning the UIC Liautaud MBA program. Those without this experience should consider the Accelerated MBA program.

How do I apply for a joint degree program?

Joint degree applicants are required to apply separately to both programs, making sure to follow the application procedures/requirements for each program. We strongly encourage applicants to apply to one program at a time. We recommend applicants apply to their second program upon gaining admission and enrolling in their first program. 

When applying to the second degree program, applicants are also required to submit the Change of Graduate Program form, with Section I completed.

We recommend that joint degree applicants work closely with academic advisors in both programs to insure proper sequencing of coursework and to assist in transferring application documents to the second application to avoid double submission of application documents. 

Do I need an undergraduate degree in business to be accepted into the program?

An undergraduate degree in business administration is not required. In fact, our Accelerated MBA program is designed specifically for those with an undergraduate background in a non-business field.  Approximately 50 percent of our student body does not have an undergraduate business background. We do recommend that students have had a class in statistics. If they have not, they can take one during their first semester.

Can I take courses as a non-degree seeking student?

You may be admitted to the Liautaud MBA program on a non-degree basis only in the following two cases:

1. If you have already completed an MBA or other approved management degree from an AACSB accredited institution and wish to pursue further course work, you may enroll in Liautaud MBA classes on a space-available basis as long as you maintain good academic standing. The application for admission and proof of MBA degree (a photocopy of your transcript or diploma showing completed MBA degree) must be submitted by the application deadline for the desired term of study.

2. If you are currently enrolled in an MBA program at another AACSB institution and wish to take courses that will be accepted by your university as transfer courses. You may enroll in Liautaud MBA courses to the extent approved by your MBA program, and by the Liautaud MBA Program. The Liautaud MBA application for admission, application fee, proof of baccalaureate degree, and letter from the director of your MBA program indicating that you are in good academic standing and list the courses approved to be transferred must be submitted by the application deadline for the desired term of study. You may also be asked by the admissions committee to provide additional information regarding your academic credentials.