Photo of Matsumoto, Kohei

Kohei Matsumoto

Doctoral Student in Business Administration: Marketing

Managerial Studies


2201 UH


601 S. Morgan St.

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Research Interests

  • New product development (University-industry collaborations)
  • Political activity of firms and CEOs (Lobbying, CEO activism)
  • Product-harm crisis management

Awards & Affiliations

  • UIC College of Business Graduate Assistantship, 2017.
  • UIC Department of Managerial Studies Fellowship, 2017.
  • Honjo Award extension – Independent research at the University of Chicago, 2017.
  • Team recipient of CTSA-ITM Core Subsidies Funding (PI: Dr. Keigo Kawaji, Ph.D), 2016.
  • Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Award, 2015
  • Team recipient of I-Corps Program Award from the National Science Foundation (PI: Dr. Keigo Kawaji, Ph.D), 2015.
  • 47th St. Gallen Wings of Excellence Award, 2015.
  • Ito Chube Scholarship Foundation Award, 2015.
  • Kinoshita Memorial Enterprise Foundation Award, 2012.

Selected Publications

Book chapters

  • Matsumoto, K. and Mishina, K. “Chapter 2: The development of a mass production system in the U.S.” (in Japanese), pp. 35-74.
  • Matsumoto, K. and Mishina, K. “Chapter 3: The emergence of Internet companies in the U.S.” (in Japanese), pp. 75-120.
  • Matsumoto, K. and Mishina, K. “Chapter 4: How can Japan develop its own sensor network system?” (in Japanese), pp. 121-170.
  • Matsumoto, K. and Mishina, K. “Chapter 5: Case studies of effective corporate venture.” (in Japanese), pp. 171-212.
    All chapters in Mishina, K., and the Sensor Workshop Team. Principle of Sensor Networks (in Japanese). ISBN-13: 978-4492762240, Toyo Keizai Inc., February 2016.

Abstracts and conference papers

  • Matsumoto, K. and Kawaji, K. “Technology transfer through the NSF Innovation Corps program: Case of magnetic resonance technology development.” Proc. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 20th Anniversary International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, forthcoming.
  • Matsumoto, K. “The impact of certificate-of-need regulation on the wage of registered nurses.” Proc. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 20th Anniversary International Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, forthcoming.
  • Kawaji, K., Matsumoto, K., Smink, J., Wang, H., Osman, N., and Patel, A. “Single-breath-hold qsCine (quantitative strain cine) with Strain-ENCoded (SENC) overlay: Protocol Optimization at 1.5T.” Proc. ISMRM Cardiac Function Workshop, New York, USA, August 2017.
  • Nazir, N., Patel, A. R., Narang, A., Matsumoto, K., Tani, D., Wang, H., and Kawaji, K. “Scan-time reduction by improved utilization of idle times by permuting pre-scan ordering: Feasibility demonstration of a aingle breath-hold strain-encoded CMR.” SCMR, Washington DC, USA, P332, February 2017.
  • Matsumoto, K., Yagi, M., and Kokubu, K. “Why should companies implement social and environmental policies?” Proc. Environmental Systems Research 2014, Ibaraki, Japan, pp. 219-230, October 2014.


MA in Public Policy with Certificate in Research Methods, the University of Chicago, 2016.
MA in Business Administration, Kobe University, 2015.
BA in Business Administration, Kobe University, 2012.