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Alumni Leadership Academy

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The Alumni Leadership Academy celebrates those who best exemplify UIC Business’s commitment to leadership, teaching, research and service. Inductions to the academy are held every year to honor outstanding UIC Business alumni whose contributions in these areas raise the stature and standing of the college.

Alumni Leadership Academy Inductees

John Adams, BS Accounting, 1986
Donald Bielinski, BS Accounting, 1971
Jeffrey Bilek, BS Accounting, 1987
Sidney Blum, BS Accounting, 1974
Gila Bronner, BS Accounting, 1980
Timothy Brunke, BS Finance, 1999
Velma Butler, BS Accounting, 1972
Olga Camargo, BS Marketing, 1996  
Najeemdeen Dayisa, MBA Business Administration, 2004  
William DeGenaro, BS Accounting, 1986
Clark Delanois, BS Marketing, 1987  
Kevin Desouza, BS Accounting, 2000,  PhD Management, 2006
John Diamantis, MBA Administrative Science, 1981  
Richard Distasio, BS Accounting, 1976  
James Doti, BS Economics, 1968
Isha Edwards, BS Management, 1995  
Antoinette Farley, MBA Business Administrative, 1982  
James Flanagan, BS Accounting, 1978
Michael Fung, BS Accounting, 1973
Marion Gajek, BS Accounting, 1974
Rodrigo Garcia, MBA Business Administration, 2009
Stanley Greanias, BS Management, 1972  
Al Grossman, Honorary Inductee
Joseph Hartnett, BS Accounting, 1978
David Henkes, BS Business Administration, 1996
Donald Hermanek, BS Marketing, 1970
The Honorable William Hibbler, BS Management, 1969
Dr. Gerald Hills, 25 Years of Educational Excellence [Honorary]
Robert Howard, BS Management, 1969
Margaret Johnsson, BS Accounting, 1985
Robert Kilinskis, BS Accounting, 1980  
Dennis Koci, BS Economics, 1970
Thomas Kneir, BS Accounting, 1972
Cary Kochman, BS Accounting, 1986
Craig Levin, BS Accounting, 1970  
Linas Liubinskas, BS Marketing, 1986
Mohammed Maali, BS Accounting, 1988
Timothy Martin, MBA Business Administrative, 1983
Trevor Mathias, BS Marketing, 1996
Gregory McKinney, BS Information and Decision Sciences, 1980
Professor Emeritus Fred McLimore, Honorary Inductee
Daniel McMillen, BS Economics, 1981
William Merchantz, BS Information and Decision Sciences, 1979
Eric Paul Meredith, BS Information and Decision Sciences, 1994
Michael Moran , BA Accounting, 1967
Vivek Mullick, MBA Business Administration, 2008  
Dennis Neumann, BS Management, 1972
James Newman, BS Accounting, 1970
Caralynn Nowinski, MBA Business Administration, 2007
Jacqueline Owen, BS Finance, 1989
Richard Pendleton, BS Management, 1969
Susan Phelan, MBA Administrative Science, 1980
James Pribel, BS Accounting, 1976
Exavier Pope, Esq., BS Finance, BS Economics, 2000
Vikki Pryor, MBA Business Administrative, 1989
Raymond Roman, BS Finance, 1988
José Santillan, BS Accounting, 1980
Bradley Sargent, BS Accounting, 1999
Anne Shaeffer, BS Finance, 2003  
John Scholl, BS Accounting, 1992
Edward Schrank, BS Management, 2007, MBA Business Administration, 2009  
Kay Schwichtenberg, MBA Business Administrative, 1984  
Roger Shiffman, BS Marketing, 1975
Joseph Slawek, BS Marketing, 1972  
Stephen Smart, BS Management, 1984
Axel Strotbek, MBA Business Administration, 1991  
Evelina Tainer, BS Economics, 1979  
Michael Tulig, MBA Administrative Science, 1980
Kevin Tynan, BS Marketing, 1970