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Department of Finance

A photo of the UIC campus in the early evening.

Welcome to the Department of Finance

The Department of Finance offers undergraduate and graduate programs that prepare students for careers in finance. Engagement with Chicago finance professionals along with the latest academic research provides an up-to-date, exciting environment for innovative educational programs that enhance the skills and careers of students. 

Our finance faculty regularly publish research in top professional publications and participate in national and international conferences. A departmental roster can be viewed here.


Finance Seminar Series


Spring 2018 Seminars

January 19: Jack Bao (Federal Reserve Board)  

January 29: Andrei Simonov (Michigan State)         

February 2: Bastian von Beschwitz (Federal Reserve Board)           

February 16: Jeffrey Pontiff (Boston College) 

March 2: Matti Keloharju (Aalto University)  

March 9: Nadya Malenko (Boston College)           

March 23: David Gal (UIC Management Dept.)        

April 13: John Birge (University of Chicago)

April 27: Margarita Tsoutsoura (Cornell)        

May 4: Turan Bali (Georgetown)        

May 11: Liyan Yang (Toronto)   


Fall 2017 Seminars

September 1: Mitchell Petersen (Northwestern University)  

September 15: Zhi Da (University of Notre Dame)         

September 29: Laurent Fresard (University of Maryland)           

October 6: John Chalmers (University of Oregon) 

October 20: Pavel Savor (Temple University)  

November 3: Will Cong (University of Chicago)           

November 10: Zhaogang Song (Johns Hopkins University)        

November 17: Stephan Siegel (University of Washington)

December 1: Jun Yang (University of Illinois)        

December 4: Benjamin Golez (University of Notre Dame)        

December 8: Heitor Almeida (University of Illinois)