UIC Liautaud MSF

Master of Science in Finance

Opportunities in finance are growing rapidly as technology has revolutionized information access, transaction speeds, data gathering, and analysis. To help you retool quickly, our thirty-two credit hour Master of Science in Finance degree can be completed in one year of full-time study (or more than one year of part-time study). Our program prepares students with a wide variety of skills including quantitative analysis, critical thinking, and effective communication. Students emerge prepared for careers in areas such as financial analysis, trading, risk management, corporate management, venture capital, investment banking, commercial banking, financial policy and regulation, and non-profit finance.

About the UIC MSF

The UIC Liautaud Master of Science in Finance program emphasizes a strong foundation in the financial principles that underlie modern finance. Unlike many universities offering an MSF, UIC is a research university. That means that professors in the finance department ask (and answer) questions that change how people worldwide think about finance.

Exposure to financial research is an important element of the program. We run an active weekly seminar series featuring the best minds from around the world. We also bring the latest research into the classroom — years before it is written into textbooks — to give our students a first look at the newest insights and trends across the evolving financial landscape. You will also gain the critical perspective that comes from tackling hard questions. Our goal: when the world of finance changes (and it will), you will be prepared for the opportunites that arise. 

For students seeking employment in the wide range of finance occupations in both the private and public sectors, the program takes full advantage of the global financial markets in Chicago: the International Center for Futures and Derivatives has strong relationships with the local exchanges and hosts events like the annual R/Finance conference. Students use leading financial and analytical technology in our state-of-the-art Trading Lab and can sign up for free training on lab software

For those seeking professional certification, investment in the MSF program offers a valuable return. Graduates of the program will be well prepared to take the professional exams that measure the competence and integrity of financial analysts, financial planners, and alternative investment analysts. They will also be prepared for certifications in independent risk management and decision making. Holders of these certificates gain a competitive edge and are typically rewarded with higher salaries.