Photo of DeBerry-Spence, Benét

Benét DeBerry-Spence

Professor and Department Head

Department of Marketing


Building & Room:

University Hall 2201


601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 996-4614




  • Professor of Marketing, University of Illinois at Chicago; Chicago, IL
  • Founder, MASAZI Visitor and Welcome Centre; Accra, Ghana, West Africa
  • CODESRIA Multinational Working Group Member and Coordinator, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa
  • Global New Businesses/Global Commercialization, Monsanto, G.D. Searle (now Pfizer); Skokie, IL
  • Assistant to the President, Northwestern Healthcare Network (now Northwestern Memorial Hospital); Chicago, IL
  • Global Marketing/Product Management-Development, Baxter Healthcare Corporation; Deerfield, IL

Classes Taught

  • Global Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Core/Introduction to Marketing
  • Graduate and Executive Course Studies

Research Interests

  • Global Markets
  • African Market Development
  • Emerging and Developing Economies
  • Entrepreneurship (Urban and Social)
  • Consumer Behavior and Retailing
  • Culture and Product Meanings
  • Transformative Research
  • Engaged Scholarship
  • Anthropological and Sociological Theories and Methods

Selected Publications

  • Figueiredo, B., Chelekis, J., DeBerry-Spence, B., Firat, A., Ger, G., Godefroit-Winkel, D., Kravets, O., Moisander, J., Nuttavuthisit, K., Peñaloza, L., and Tadajewski, M. (2015) “Developing Markets? Understanding the Role of Markets and Development at the Intersection of Macromarketing and Transformative Consumer Research (TCR)”, Journal of Macromarketing, 35: 257-271.
  • Tadajewski, M., Chelekis, J., DeBerry-Spence, B., Figueiredo, B., Kravets, O., Nuttavuthisit, K., Peñaloza, L., Firat, F., Ger, G., and Moisander, J. (2014) “The Discourses of Marketing and Development: Towards “Critical Transformative Marketing Research,” Journal of Marketing Management, 30 (17-18): 1728-1771.
  • DeBerry-Spence, B., Ekpo, A., Adelakun, M., Gunay, H. (2013) “Towards Marketplace Diversity: A Multi-measure, Multi-dimensional Study of the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing”, [Lead Article] Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 32 (May): 6-15.
  • DeBerry-Spence, B. and Abbam-Elliott E, (2012) “African Microentrepreneurship: The Reality of Everyday Challenges,” Journal of Business Research, 65 (12): 1665-1673.
  • DeBerry-Spence, B., S. K. Bonsu and E. J. Arnould, (2012), “Market Development in The African Context” In Peñaloza, L., Toulouse, N., Visconti, L., editors. Marketing Management: A Cultural Perspective. New York, NY: Routledge, 93-109.
  • DeBerry-Spence, B., (2010) “Making Theory and Practice in Subsistence Markets: An Analytic Autoethnography of MASAZI in Accra, Ghana,” Journal of Business Research, 63 (6): 608 –616.

Engaged-Transformative Research

  • DeBerry-Spence, B., Founder, The MASAZI® Visitor and Welcome Centre: Accra, Ghana (2005 – Present). Built and opened in 2005, MASAZI serves as a site of research ideation, theorizing and praxis. It also engages a social agenda, serving as the official visitor and welcome centre for The Centre for National Culture (which houses over 400 microbusinesses) and as a ‘distinguished’ visitor and welcome centre for the capital city of Accra. MASAZI has hosted NY Times and BBC World Live. In 2010, MASAZI was extended to include extensive involvement with microbusinesses working in mobile telecom.

Notable Honors

2016, Faculty Award, College of Business Administration, UIC

2015, Campus Insights Scholar, UIC

2014, President’s Executive Leadership Fellow, University of Illinois

2012-2013, Great Cities Institute Faculty Scholar, UIC


PhD in Marketing, Northwestern University
MBA, University of Chicago
BS, University of Notre Dame