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Speaker Events

The UIC College of Business Speaker Series showcases research insights from our faculty and invited scholars from other universities, promoting academic exchange and collaboration.

Events can be sorted by date and department.


Coordinators for Speaker Events

Department of Accounting: Assistant Professor Daphne Hart and Assistant Professor Vivek Raval

Department of Finance: Assistant Professor Egemen Genc, Assistant Professor Hanh Le and Associate Professor Dermot Murphy (Fall Coordinators). Coordinators for the Department of Finance Spring Speaker Events include Assistant Professor Ehsan Azarmsa Assistant Professor Hanh Le  and Lecturer Tengjia Shu 

Department of Information and Decision Sciences: Assistant Professor Vijay Kamble, Assistant Professor Yingda Lu, Assistant Professor Moontae Lee, Assistant Professor Theja Tulabandhula

Department of Marketing: Assistant Professor Linda Hagen and Assistant Professor Lez Trujillo Torres

Department of Managerial Studies: Assistant Professor Felipe Calvano da Silva Professor Bob Liden Assistant Professor Harshad Puranik  and Assistant Professor Zhenyu Yuan

Stuart Handler Department of Real Estate: Assistant Professor Luis Lopez

Spring 2024 Heading link

FinanceFriday, February 29:30-11 AMUH2150TBDAvanidhar SubrahmanyamUniversity of California, Los Angeles
AccountingWednesday, February 1411-12:15 PMUH2350TBDEd DeHaanStanford University
IDSFriday, February 162-3:30 PMUH 2450TBDAchal BassambooNorthwestern University Kellogg School of Business
AccountingWednesday, March 611-12:15 PMUH2350TBDSean CaoUniversity of Maryland
Managerial StudiesFriday, March 15TBDTBDTBDZeki SimsekClemson University
FinanceFriday, March 159:30-11 AMUH2150TBDRussell James
University of Kentucky
AccountingWednesday, March 2711-12:15 PMUH2350TBDNina XuUniversity of Connecticut
Real EstateFriday, March 279:30-11 AMUH2350TBDErasmo Giambona

Syracuse University
AccountingWednesday, April 311-12:15 PMUH2350TBDJinhwan KimStanford University
Real EstateFriday, April 59:30-11 AMUH2150TBDStephanie MoultonUniversity of Wisconsin- Madison
AccountingWednesday, April 1011-12:15 PMUH2350TBDIvy FengUniversity of Wisconsin- Madison
FinanceFriday, April 129:30-11 AMUH 2150TBDVikas Agarwal Georgia State University
AccountingWednesday, April 1711-12:15 PMUH2350TBDGerardo Perez CavazosUniversity of California San Diego
FinanceFriday, April 199:30-11 AMUH 2150TBDAlberto RossiGeorgetown University
AccountingWednesday, April 2411-12:15 PMUH2350TBDHuihao YanBaruch College
FinanceFriday, April 269:30-11 AMUH 2150TBDQuentin Vandeweyer

University of Chicago Booth School of Business
FinanceFriday, May 39:30-11 AMUH2150TBDAzi Ben-RephaelRutgers University
Managerial StudiesTBDTBDTBDTBDJoanna CampbellCincinnati University
Managerial StudiesTBDTBDTBDTBDKelly Schwind WilsonPurdue University

Past Events-Fall 2023 Heading link

AccountingWednesday, August 3011-12:15 PMUH2350Under the “Spotlight”: Media Attention and GreenwashingIrene ZhongUniversity of Illinois Chicago
FinanceFriday, September 19:30 - 11 AMUH2150Voting ChoiceAndrey MalenkoBoston College
FinanceFriday, September 159:30 - 11 AMUH2150Dynamic Carbon Emission ManagementCecilia BustamanteUniversity of Maryland
MarketingFriday, September 1511-12:15 PMUH 2450Replace or Repair? How Companies Can Signal Unused Utility and Decrease ProductKaren Page WinterichPenn State
AccountingWednesday, September 2010:30-11:45 AMUH2350Peer Effects of Price TransparencyJeffery PiaoUniversity of Missouri
IDSFriday, September 222-3:30 PMUH2450Low-Resource Spoken Language Analysis for Cognitive Health AssessmentNatalie PardeUniversity of Illinois Chicago
FinanceFriday, September 229:30 - 11 AMUH2150Scale Economies, Bargaining Power, and Investment Performance: Evidence from Pension PlansRussell WermersUniversity of Maryland
MarketingFriday, September 2911-12:15 PMUH 2450The Mental Mapping of Magnitude: New Insights from Examining Response BiasesEllie KyungBabson College
Real Estate Friday, September 299:30 - 11 AMUH2150The Spatial Distribution the Homeownership Racial GapPaul CarrilloGeorge Washington University
AccountingWednesday, October 4 11-12:15 PMUH2350When Micro Firms Speak Macro: Evidence on Firms’ Macroeconomic Disclosures Gil SadkaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
FinanceFriday, October 612:30-2 PMUH21501.Did Retail Traders Take Over Wall Street? A Tick-by-Tick Analysis of GameStop’s Price Surge
2.How Accurate Are Survey Forecasts on the Market?
Guofu ZhouWashington University in St. Louis
IDSFriday, October 62-3:30 PMUH 2450Reducing Recidivism with Community-based Programs: Data-driven Analytics for Societal Benefits and FairnessPengyi ShiPurdue University
Managerial StudiesFriday, October 139-11 AMDH 310A Mother's Leadership Legacy: Examining the Mother-to-child Crossover of Leadership Role OccupancySongqi LiuGeorgia State University
MarketingFriday, October 1311-12:15 PMUH 2450Causal Inference in Unstructured Data: The Case of Impossible Meat AdoptionTong GuoDuke University
MarketingFriday, October 2011-12:15 PMUH 2450How Word-of-Mouth Affects Consumer Response to Algorithmic BiasKalinda UkanwaUniversity of Southern California
AccountingWednesday, October 2511-12:15 PMUH2350Improving Navigability of Financial Documents: Implications for InvestorsSarah ZechmanUniversity of Colorado Boulder
FinanceFriday, October 279:30-11 AMUH2150Desperate Capital Breeds Productivity Loss: Evidence from Public Pension Investments in Private EquityVrinda MittalUniversity of North Carolina

Friday, November 32-3:30 PMUH 2450Modeling the Impact of Community First RespondersShane HendersonCornell University
Managerial StudiesNovember 1-3TBDTBDWorkshops on Structural Equations Modeling, Validity, and Factor InvarianceGordon CheungUniversity of Auckland
MarketingFriday, November 311-12:15 PMUH 2450TBDDavid PinsofUCLA
Real EstateFriday, November 39:30-11 AMUH2150TBDLu HanUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
FinanceFriday, November 109:30-11 AMUH2150TBDDacheng XiuUniversity of Chicago
IDSFriday, November 102-3:30 PMUH 2450TBDYingda LuUniversity of Illinois Chicago
FinanceFriday, November 179:30-11 AMUH2150TBDLauren CohenHarvard University
IDSFriday, November 172-3:30 PMUH 2450TBDZhuoxin LiUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison
MarketingFriday, November 1711-12:15 PMUH 2450TBDAndre MacielUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
AccountingWednesday, November 2911-12:15 PMUH2350TBDMichael DambraUniversity of Buffalo
Managerial StudiesThursday, November 309:00-10:30UH2250TBDHeather Vough George Mason University
MarketingFriday, December 111-12:15VirtualTBDZeynep Arsel Concordia University