Student Life at UIC Business

UIC Business is home to a number of student organizations who host monthly events, including guest speakers, volunteer opportunities and networking socials.

Student organizations are a great opportunity to make new connections, take on leadership roles, learn new skills and forge new friendships. Our business-specific groups include:

The Business Learning Center

The Business Learning Center is a space designed by and for business students. It is a place for students to meet, study and share ideas. The Business Learning Center hosts monthly workshops and offers tutoring sessions for anyone who needs a little help with their classes. Students are encouraged to utilize the Business Learning Center to meet and connect with their classmates.


UIC Business students at Celebrating the College of Business Administration

The UIC Business Alumni Network is 37,000 strong. Each year, they hold events so that students can make the powerful connections they need to succeed in the business world. The annual UIC Business Graduation Party is held the first Wednesday after graduation and is a one of the most popular events of the year. Celebrating UIC Business is another annual event that brings together students and alumni. This scholarship banquet gives us the opportunity to recognize our hard-working students and the donors who support them.

Living Classroom

Student participating in a campus scavenger hunt for class

At UIC Business, we believe learning can occur anywhere—not just in the classroom. Faculty host field trips, corporate visits, events, volunteer opportunities and even team-building relay races. These activities are designed to help students build skills like leadership, teamwork and networking.