Photo of Duhachek, Adam

Adam Duhachek


Department of Marketing


Teaching Interests:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Analytics

Research Interests:

  • Coping
  • Emotions
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consumer Ideology

Selected Grants

Marketing Science Institute, Research Priorities Grant, "Artificial Intelligence and Persuasion"

Selected Publications

Kim, Tae Woo and Adam Duhachek (2020), “Artificial Intelligence and Persuasion: A Construal Level Account,” Psychological Science, 31 (4) 363-380.

Kim, Claire, Dahee Han, Adam Duhachek and Zakary Tormala (2018), “Political Identity, Preference, and Persuasion,” Social Influence, 13 (4) 177-191.

Kelting, Katie, Adam Duhachek and Kimberly Whitler (2017), “Copycat Private Labels Improve the Consumer Shopping Experience: A Fluency Explanation,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, 45 (4) 569-585.

Han, DaHee, Ashok K. Lalwani and Adam Duhachek (2017) “Power Distance Belief, Power and Charitable Giving,” Journal of Consumer Research, 44 (1) 182-195.

Han, DaHee, Adam Duhachek and Nidhi Agrawal (2016), “Coping and Construal Level Matching Drives Health Message Effectiveness via Response Efficacy or Self Efficacy Enhancement,” Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (October), 429-447.

Achar, Chethana, Jane So, Nidhi Agrawal and Adam Duhachek (2016), “What We Feel and Why We Buy: The Influence of Emotions on Consumer Decision Making,” Current Opinion in Psychology, 10 166-170.


M.S., PhD, Northwestern University
B.A., University of Nebraska-Lincoln