Photo of Martin, Melissa

Melissa Martin

Assistant Professor

Department of Accounting

Pronouns: She/Her



  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Rice University, Jones Graduate School of Business, 2013-2015
  • Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, W.P. Carey School of Business, 2009-2015

Classes Taught

  • MBA Level Management Accounting
  • Undergraduate Management Accounting

Research Interests

  • Managerial Accounting
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Taxes
  • Non-financial Performance Measures

Selected Grants

Institute of Management Accountants, To support research on the impact of economic assumptions on incentive system effectiveness, Recipient

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

  • Grabner, I., Martin, M. “The effect of horizontal pay dispersion on the effectiveness of performance-based incentives”
    • Accounting, Organizations, & Society, 2020 (forthcoming)
  • Abdusalam, D., Maltarich, M., Nyberg, A., Reilly, G., Martin, M. “Individualized pay-for-performance arrangements: Peer reactions and consequences”
    • Journal of Applied Psychology, 2020 (forthcoming)
  • Martin, M. “An evolutionary approach to management control systems research: A prescription for future research”
    • Accounting, Organizations, & Society, 2020 (forthcoming)
  • Drake, K., Martin, M. “Implementing relative performance evaluation: The role of life cycle peers”
    • Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2020 (forthcoming)
    • Plenary paper at 2020 JMAR Session at MAS Conference
  • Larocque, S., Martin, M., Walther, B. “Are earnings forecasts informed by proxy statement compensation disclosures?”
    • Contemporary Accounting Research, Summer 2020, Vol. 37 Issue 2, p. 741-772
  • Analysts’ use of proxy statement compensation disclosures (with S. Larocque and B. Walther)
    • Contemporary Accounting Research, 2019 (forthcoming)
  • Relative Performance Evaluation: The Role of Life Cycle Peers (with K. Drake)
    • Journal of Management Accounting Research, 2019 (conditionally accepted)
  • “Pay-For-Performance, Sometimes: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Integrating Economic Rationality with Psychological Emotion to Predict Individual Performance” (with G. Reilly, A. Nyberg, D. Abdulsalam, and M. Maltarich)
    • Academy of Management Journal, 2017, 60(6), p. 2155-2174
  • Compensation in the Post-FIN 48 Period: The Case of Contracting on Tax Performance and Uncertainty (with K. Drake and J. Brown)
    • Contemporary Accounting Research, Spring 2016, 33(1), p. 121-151
  • Chen, X.C., Martin, M., Merchant, K. “The effect of measurement timing on the information content of customer satisfaction measures”
    • Management Accounting Research 25(2014), p. 187-205

Working Papers

  • Drake, K. and Martin, M.:”Executive Compensation a Firm Life Cycle Analysis”
  • Drake, K. and Martin, M.:”Relative Performance Evaluation: The Role of Life Cycle Peers”
  • Drake, K. Engel, E., and Martin, M.: “Money for nothing? Using loss persistence information from tax accounts to examine bonus compensation in loss-making firms”
  • Carter, M.E., Lynch, L., and Martin, M.: “Compensation committee attribute and the treatment of earnings in incentive pay”
  • Larocque, S., Martin, M., and Walther, B.: “Analysts’ use of proxy statement compensation disclosures”
  • Abdusalam, D., Reilly, G., Nyberg, A., Maltarich, M., and Martin, M.:”Unintended Consequences of Pay-For-No-Performance: The Role of Individual Pay Decisions on Unit Performance and the Reactions of Human Capital Resources”

Notable Honors

Best Undergradute Business Professor, Excellence in Teaching Award, John W. Teets

Finalist, MBA Core Curriculum, Teaching Award

Exellence in Teaching, Scott and Mary Donaldson, Ernst & Young

Mary Pickford, Teaching Award, Endowed


PhD, Accounting - University of Southern California (2009)
MS, Finance - Texas A & M University (2003)
BS, Accounting - Texas A & M University (2003)