Photo of Wayne, Sandy J.

Sandy J. Wayne

Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, University Scholar, Faculty Director for Business Scholars, and Co-Director of the Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development (iLEAD)

Department of Managerial Studies


Building & Room:

University Hall 2233


601 S. Morgan St., Chicago, IL 60607

Office Phone:

(312) 413-1717

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  • Professor of Management, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003 to Present
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, 2014 to Present
  • Director, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development, 1996-2002; 2003 to Present
  • Visiting Professor of Management, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Summers 2005 to 2010; 2012 to 2015
  • Professor of Management, University of Georgia, 2002-2003

Classes Taught

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Leadership

Research Interests

  • Developing effective relationships between employees and their managers
  • Exploring leadership behaviors that enhance employee motivation and performance
  • Identifying ways to increase upward mobility of women and people of color in management
  • Understanding work-family balance and drivers of career success

Selected Publications

  • Liao, C., Wayne, S. J., Liden, R. C., & Meuser, J. D. (2017). “Idiosyncratic deals and individual effectiveness: The moderating role of leader-member exchange differentiation.” Leadership Quarterly, 28, 438-450.
  • Wayne, S. J., Lemmon, G., Hoobler, J. M., Cheung, G. W., & Wilson, M. S. (2017). “The ripple effect: A spillover model of the detrimental impact of work–family conflict on job success.” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38, 876-894.
  • Liao, C., Wayne, S.J., & Rousseau, D. (2016). “Idiosyncratic Deals in Contemporary Organizations: A Qualitative and Meta-Analytical Review.” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 9-29.
  • Zhong, L., Wayne, S.J., & Liden, R.C. (2016). “Job Engagement, Perceived Organizational Support, High Performance Human Resource Practices, and Cultural Value Orientations: A Cross-Level Investigation.” Journal of Organizational Behavior, 37, 823-844.
  • Hu, J., Wayne, S.J., Liden, R.C., Bauer, T.N., & Erdogan, B. (2016). “Self and Senior Executive Perceptions of Fit and Performance: A Time-lagged Examination of Newly-Hired Executives.” Human Relations, 69, 1259-1286
  • Liu, D., Wang, S., & Wayne, S.J.  (2015). “Is Being a Good Learner Enough?  An Examination of the Interplay between Learning. Goal Orientation and Impression Management Tactics on Creativity.” Personnel Psychology, 68, 109-142.
  • Liden, R.C., Wayne, S.J., Meuser, J.D., Hu, J., Wu, J., & Liao, C.  (2015).  “Servant Leadership: Validation of a Short Form of the SL-28.”  Leadership Quarterly, 26, 254-269.
  • Panaccio, A., Henderson, D.J., Liden, R.C., Wayne, S.J., & Cao, X.  (2015).  “Toward an Understanding of When and Why Servant Leadership Accounts for Employee Extra-Role Behaviors.” Journal of Business and Psychology, 30, 657-675.
  • Hoobler, J.M., Lemmon, G., & Wayne, S.J. (2014).  “Women’s Managerial Aspirations: An Organizational Development Perspective.” Journal of Management, 40, 703-730.
  • Liden, R.C., Wayne, S.J., Liao, C., & Meuser, J.D.  (2014). “Servant Leadership and Serving Culture: Influence on Individual and Unit Performance.” Academy of Management Journal, 57, 1434-1452.
  • Liden, R.C., Panaccio, A., Meuser, J.D., Hu, J., & Wayne, S.J. (2014). “Servant leadership: Antecedents, processes, and outcomes.” In D.V. Day (Ed.), The Oxford handbook of leadership and organizations. Oxford, England: Oxford University Press.
  • Wayne, S.J. (2013).  “Leader-Member Exchange Theory.” In E.H. Kessler (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Management Theory.  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc., 429-432.
  • Mawritz, M.B., Mayer, D.M., Hoobler, J.M., Wayne, S.J., & Marinova, S.V.  (2012).  “A Trickle-Down Model of Abusive Supervision.” Personnel Psychology, 65, 325-357.
  • Gavino, M.C., Wayne, S.J., & Erdogan, B.  (2012).  “Discretionary and Transactional Human Resource Practices and Employee Outcomes:  The Role of Perceived Organizational Support.” Human Resource Management, 51, 665-686.
  • Kraimer, M.L., Seibert, S.E., Wayne, S.J., Liden, R.C., & Bravo, J. (2011). “Antecedents and Outcomes of Organizational Support for Development: The Critical Role of Career Opportunities.” Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 485-500.
  • Hoobler, J.M., Lemmon, G., & Wayne, S.J. (2011). “Women’s Underrepresentation in Upper Management: New Insights on a Persistent Problem.” Organizational Dynamics, 40, 151-156.

Notable Honors

2020, University Scholar, University of Illinois System

2019, Faculty Impact Award, UIC Business

2019, Fellow, Academy of Management

2018, Decennial Influential Article Award for 2008 article, “Servant Leadership: Development of a Multidimensional Measure and Multi-level Assessment” (Co-authors: R.C. Liden, H. Zhao, & D. Henderson), Leadership Quarterly

2010, Outstanding Doctoral Alumni Award, Texas A&M University

2003, Fellow, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

1988, S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology


PhD in Management, Texas A&M University
MBA, Illinois State University
BS in Business Administration, Illinois State University

Professional Memberships

  • Member, Academy of Management, Board of Governors, 2011-2014
  • Elected Member, Society of Organizational Behavior (SOB), 2011-present