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Department of Managerial Studies

The Department of Managerial Studies offers expertise in the areas of management and entrepreneurship.

Faculty members teach and conduct research across a broad spectrum of topics related to entrepreneurship, human resource management, innovation, leadership, organizational behavior, product development, transportation and logistics, and strategic management. Students gain a strong foundation in all areas of business and enjoy numerous opportunities on and off campus to engage with the Chicago business community.

Emphasis on Experiential Learning

Our teaching emphasizes hands-on experience, including working with real businesses on live projects. Examples include courses in entrepreneurship, where students provide consulting to small businesses on problems ranging from designing their social media to hiring the right people, and where students assemble their own business plans and pitch them to venture capitalists for thousands of dollars in startup money. We are proud of our courses and programs. The leading accrediting organization for business schools honored our interdisciplinary product development program with an innovation award, and the Princeton Review puts our entrepreneurship program among the top in the country.

Leading Research-Based Faculty

We not only teach and train, but also produce the new knowledge needed by tomorrow’s managers. Our faculty members are among the best researchers in the world. They regularly publish their findings in the leading journals of management, marketing, and entrepreneurship; present at the largest national and international business conferences; hold officer positions in business, academic, and industry associations; perform editorial responsibilities for the foremost academic research outlets, reviewing and editing books and articles; and consult for companies, nonprofit organizations, and governments. Our faculty members routinely garner research awards from the Academy of Management, American Marketing Association, Product Development Management Association, and other bodies in recognition of the high quality and impact of their scholarship.

Two PhD Programs

Consistent with our interest in creating and transferring new knowledge, we have doctoral programs in organizational behavior and human resource management and in marketing where students earn a PhD in Business Administration. Students in these programs learn how to identify and analyze some of the significant problems facing businesses today as well as how to teach others the tools and principles needed to solve those difficulties. Graduates have taken business professorships at Notre Dame University and the London School of Economics, among others.

Service to the Community

We aim to serve the UIC community with our expanding programs and activities, so that Chicago and beyond may have more vibrant organizations, more skillful managers, and more globally- and socially-minded business leaders. Please visit us in person or through this website to learn more about what we can offer you.

We emphasize knowledge in new product development, organizational behavior and human resource management, and business and social entrepreneurship. Classroom projects focus on real-world problems and provide students with valuable experience working as members of a team, a vital skill in today’s collaborative business environments.

Chicago Business Community and UIC Alumni

The Department of Managerial Studies is actively engaged with the Chicago business community, and our distinguished alumni represent some of the city’s top employers. This close relationship offers students an enormous advantage as they form connections during their academic years that can be utilized later to launch their careers. Our alumni serve as mentors and guest speakers, and participate in the CBA internship program. Our popular Executives in the Classroom series brings C-level executives on campus every semester to share their experience with students.