Early, Mid-Career Women Experienced Higher Stress Than Other Academics During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately affected women who are early and mid-career academic faculty members, according to a recent study by University of Illinois Chicago researchers.

The study aimed to identify personal and professional characteristics to understand the pandemic’s impact on faculty and, consequently, on policy implications. “Work-Life Balance and Productivity Among Academic Faculty during the COVID-19 Pandemic – A Latent Class Analysis,” was recently published in the Journal of Women’s Health. “The goal of the research was to explore patterns — personal and work characteristics that highlight how the pandemic affected scholarly activity for faculty at different life stages and professional rank,” said Dr. Pavitra Kotini-Shah, assistant professor in the UIC College of Medicine and research co-author. “We hoped it would provide some insight for administrators as they are trying to modify policies post-pandemic.”