Photo of Rahmati, Pouya

Pouya Rahmati

Doctoral Student in Management Information Systems

Managerial Studies Department



  • IT business analyst at Rayvarz Software Engineering Co., (2013-2014).
  • Product manager at Rayvarz Software Engineering Co., (2010-2011).
  • Software engineer at Rayvarz Software Engineering Co., (2006-2008).

Classes Taught

  • Intro to MIS (undergraduate), Lab Instructor
  • Social Network Analysis (graduate), Teaching Assistant
  • Advanced Database Management (graduate), Teaching Assistant
  • Information Infrastructure Secutiry (graduate), Teaching Assistant

Selected Publications

  • Rahmati, P., Tafti, A., Westland, J. C. (2016). “How do firms digitize through inter-firm relationships? Network positioning and digital complexity.”
    • Paper presented at Winter Conference in Business Intelligence (WCBI) (2016), Snowbird, Utah.
    • Poster presented at 2nd Annual International Conference on Compuational Social Science (IC2S2) (2016), Chicago, Illinois.
  • Crowston, K., Chudoba K. M., Waton-Manheim, M. B., Rahmati, P. (2016). “Inter-team coordination in large-scale agile development: A test of organizational discontinuity theory.”
    • Paper presented at XP2016 (2016), Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Rahmati, P., Watson-Manheim, M. B., Jones, S., Welch, E. (2016). “Decomposing Social Media Affordances.”
    • Paper presented at Workshop on Changing Nature of Work (CNow) (2016), Dublin, Ireland.
  • Tafti, A., Rahmati, P., Westland, J. C. (2015). “Proximity to software and labor inequality: Examining the industry-level network of corporate acquisitions.”
    • Paper presented at Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE) (2015), Dallas, Texas.
    • Paper presented at Workshop on Information in Nteworks (WIN) (2015), NYU Stern.
  • Rahmati, P., Tafti., A. (2015). “The effect of mergers and acquisitions on information technology Alliances: Examining digitization in the networked economy.
    • Paper presented at Workshop on Information Systems and Economics (WISE) (2015), Dallas, Texas.


PhD student in Management Information Systems, University of Illinois at Chicago, Expected Graduation 2018
MSc, Engineering and Policy Analysis, Delft University of Technology, 2013
BSc, Computer Engineering, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, 2010