Graduate Career Services

Transform your initiative into the career of your dreams.

The Business Career Center offers a variety of services to UIC Business Liautaud Graduate School students to support and encourage you in your career needs. The job search is a process that you will repeat multiple times throughout your life. It is a process driven by you and your unique career goals.

The Business Career Center will continue to serve UIC Business students via phone and email during the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Please login to to schedule your career advising appointment.

Your Path to Success

Career Coaches

Each degree program has a Career Coach designated to work specifically with them. Your Career Coach will assist and encourage you in:

  • Establishing and articulating your career goals
  • Polishing your resume and LinkedIn profiles
  • Developing and executing a strategy to network
  • Honing your interview skills
  • Evaluating and negotiating offers

Start thinking now about what it is you want out of your degree program. Your degree is more than the sum of the classes you will take. It is a conversation, an inquiry that is as rich as you make it. Talk to your classmates. Talk to our alumni. Talk to people that are doing the thing you want to do.

Professional Development Programming

Take advantage of the variety of career and professional development programming available to UIC Business Liautaud Graduate School students:

  • Orientation Weekend
  • Career Workshops
  • Executives in the Boardroom
  • Alumni 4U
  • Resume Expo
  • Mock Interviews

Your path will be determined by the energy with which you approach your search. There are no limits to what you can do, but neither are there any guarantees. Successful outcomes are achieved by those that are invested in their own future.

  • Professional Development

    MBA 590

    Leadership & Improv (a 2-credit elective) is not required… but it should be. It has nothing to do with your concentration and everything to do with your concentration at the same time. It is all about professional presence.  Professional presence is a combination of verbal and non-verbal abilities that are recognized as a poised, authentic communication style, particularly in spontaneous or impromptu interactions. This kind of style, however, is not superficial—it is critical to your productivity and effectiveness. Our Professional Development faculty will give you the tools and the encouragement to meet these challenges. Whether it is public speaking, navigating a cocktail party, networking, interviewing for a job or asking for a raise.

    Our faculty have one foot in the world of Improv (each of them have trained and taught at Second City) and one foot in the business world. Using simulations and adapted theater techniques, this course is an experiential workshop that creates a safe laboratory for you to experiment with the elements of your own professional presence. Take this eight-week class early in your graduate career. You will not be sorry!

  • Top Companies

    Our students land at a diverse variety of companies. In the last year, MBAs have scored positions with Deloitte Consulting, Mikan Associates Consulting, Huron Consulting, Caterpillar, Advocate Health, Valence Health, Advisory Board Company, CIA, CNA, Ryan Specialty Group, First Midwest Bank, CCC Information Systems, Infosys, Applied Systems, Forsyth Solutions, Panduit, Epic, Fitch Ratings and Best Buy.

    A sampling of MIS employers includes: Deloitte, JP Morgan, Facebook, EY, PwC, CME Group, Bank of America, Discover Financial Services, Johnson & Johnson, Bosch Rexroth, Orbitz Worldwide, Enova Financial, Fieldglass, Sears Holding Corporation, Nokia, Yahoo!, Valence Health and Infosys.

    MSA graduates are working in a variety of public and corporate companies such as: Caterpillar, CNA, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, McGladrey, True Partners, CDH, Kessler, Orlean, Silver & Co., Friedman & Huey Associates and the NDH Group.

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