Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship provides the business training needed to launch a successful enterprise.

Chicago now ranks second in the nation in the number of fast-growing small businesses. To immerse our students in the city's entrepreneurial community, we partner with startup hubs and connect students with internships.

The Path of an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs don’t follow a career path—they make their own. At UIC Business, we understand the drive and determination that makes an entrepreneur successful, and we provide the resources and directions to transform their goals into reality.

Students in the bachelor of entrepreneurship program gain knowledge of business planning, financing, marketing, management, information technology and consulting. You’ll learn how to apply this knowledge to new ventures, small enterprises and family businesses.

For a full list of curriculum requirements, visit the UIC Catalog.

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Program Outcomes

With an entrepreneurship degree, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Evaluate and write business venture plans
  • Identify and screen potential entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Analyze economic conditions
  • Unravel the legal issues (establishing partnerships, incorporating, issuing IPOs, etc.)
  • Consult with business owners
  • Take the reins at a family business
  • Create and manage e-commerce companies

Explore Degree Requirements

ENTR 464 Entrepreneurial Consulting

Students in ENTR 464 will form working groups to diagnose problems and recommend solutions to Chicago area entrepreneurs and smaller enterprises.

ENTR 430 Family Business Management

Learn the competitive strengths and weaknesses of a family business. Take a deep dive into the dynamics of family interactions within the overlapping family management and ownership systems.

ENTR 320 Entrepreneurship Internship Program

Cooperative education provides students an opportunity to gain access to mentors and practical work experience in entrepreneurial settings.


 Suggested UIC Business offers minors to add an edge to your entrepreneurship degree.

Managerial Skills

Effective management of people and projects is essential for all fields. This minor is a great choice for any student who aspires to leadership roles.

Business Operations

This minor gives a great overview of running a business. From project management to supply chain management, you’ll learn the ins and outs of a company.

Program Faculty

UIC-SEA Social Enterprise Certification

Coming this spring, UIC in partnership with the Social Enterprise Alliance, will offer a UIC-SEA Social Enterprise Certificate. The 16-week certification program was developed to focus on equipping non-profits and entrepreneurs with the knowledge to build effective social enterprises. Click here for more information.

Faculty Researchers

Our faculty researchers study and consult on a range of interesting topics, everything from health and technology startups to new restaurants, social value creation and venture capital.